Novidades!!! Blog en Galego!!!!!

Febreiro 8, 2009

Moi boas a tod@s!!! Dende agora iste blog será a versión oficial en galego!

Pra os que prefirades a versión en inglés visitade:

agardo vervos moi pronto, aquí ou alá!!!!


Hello everybody!!!! From now on this blog will be the official galician lenguage versión!

For those of youthat prefer the english version, please visit:

Hope to see you soon here or there!!!


Thoughts about future of music…

Outubro 4, 2007

These days i recieved a post of a good friend regarding this issue. i think i can´t be more agree with what he says. it´s really worth reading 😉

Ideas about downloading at

Jeff´s an incredible bass player really worth listening. i even use to incluide some of his tunes at my concerts form time to time. check him at Youtube and you won´t be dissapointed. guaranteed

New Web!!

Outubro 4, 2007

Hello everybody

Something new is out there! at this moment is only a rought scratch of what i´ll be in a near future. Please visit a tell us what you think about. It is growing everyday, so keep visiting for new stuff 😉

New myspace!!!!

Xuño 15, 2007

Estáis todos invitados a la nueva página de myspace con nuevos temas para escuchar, fechas de conciertos e información!

En la prensa de hoy!!

Xuño 15, 2007

progreso-de-lugo.jpgPodemos leer este artículo en el Progreso de Lugo 😉

Trying to work out my new webblog!

Febreiro 9, 2007

Hi everybody!!!!

It will be a scratch sample of Martin Blanes guitarist and composer official-web!!!!

Within a pair of weeks we´ll upload lots of sample music and interesting stuff. keep on visiting!!!

Welcome everybody and thanks for stopping by!